Library Trustee Candidates Statements

Felicia Rangel

My name is Felicia Rangel and I am running for Park Forest Library Board
Trustee. It has been my pleasure serving as your trustee over this past year.
The library has shaped and enriched my life and I want to continue giving
back to my library and the community. I seek your vote in order to do this.
As a resident since 1976 I have witnessed the major transformation of our
library from when I was a teenager to an adult. It is an experience to walk in
and see it being utilized by our youngest patrons looking for a book to our
oldest patrons using the computers or taking technology classes. We have a
strong library with a mission to support our citizens and local businesses. I’m
excited to offer my work experience and talents to help our library adequately
plan for the challenges of future growth within Park Forest and Olympia
During the past year I was part of the collective to approve the initiative to
create a Teen Zone,which compliments our Children’s Zone. I enjoy community
service and knowing that I have helped improve our library for future generations
is an indescribable joy.
I am a payroll professional with a strong background in accounting and human
resources in the financial and manufacturing industry. I have years of
experience with budgeting, financial analysis and business practices. I feel
these skill sets are strengths which would serve the board well, since one of
the responsibilities of a trustee is the financial health of the library.
I would appreciate your vote for me, Felicia Rangel, to serve on the Park Forest
Library Board Trustee.

Erik Duvall

My name is Erik Duvall Rodman and I am a recent appointee to the Park Forest
Library Board. I am here today to ask for your vote as Library Board Trustee
in the April 2015 election. My family has lived in Park Forest for over 40
years, and I am a Park Forest homeowner. I grew up going to the Park Forest
Library and have continued to be an active user, still frequenting its doors at
least once a week. Over the years, I’ve seen the Library change and grow, and
I want to be a part of helping set new directions and strengthening community
I believe in giving back to my community. In the past few years, I have volunteered
at St. Irenaeus’ PADS, and at Matteson Elementary School for three
years, mentoring and tutoring reading for 1st and 2nd grade. Through the years
I’ve helped at the Kiwanis Pancake Day and the old 10K Run. As a recent
appointee, I have noted the steps the Board has taken to enhance the space
for children and young people. The Board is working with Library staff to make
the library a hub for the community, useful for all.
As someone who has studied and practiced mindfulness, I understand the
importance of being fully present. I have strong empathetic awareness skills
and am sensitive to socio-ethnic and cultural communication styles. Reared
in this integrated community, I am comfortable working with diverse populations.
My love of reading, knowledge of consumer technology, and love of
Park Forest will help me to bring my best thinking and considerations to
Board deliberations. With my experience and commitment to Park Forest, I
will be an asset to the Library Board and my Board governance participation
will meet the highest standards of ethics.